About Us

The Estate Planning Council concept came into being over 70 years ago. The Boston Council dates back to 1930. The reasons for forming Estate Planning are first to enable people who work in the estate planning professional to get to know each other and second, to become educated about nuances and concepts of estate planning together so they can work as a team to better serve their clients. The Team Concept of Estate Planning is the unique ingredient. There is a natural tendency to be critical of the recommendations of a person one does not know, and a reluctance to discuss the ideas and exchange information with a stranger. In the past there was a lack of respect and fear of condemnation between the disciplines of Estate Planners. Estate Planning Councils bringing these people together has greatly improved the professionalism and cooperation in the Estate Planning community.The Central Connecticut Business and Estate Planning Council is a group of like-minded professionals who meet quarterly to discuss issues and trends in the estate and financial planning arena. Accountants, Attorneys, Insurance Professionals, Bank & Trust Officers and other financial services professionals all meet to share ideas from their unique points of view.For membership information or questions do not hesitate to contact us using the link to the left of this page. The Central Connecticut Business & Estate Planning Council is a member of the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils (NAEPC)PLEASE NOTE: The Membership Directory is provided as a service for use by its Members. Third-Party use by non-Members is strictly prohibited. Members may use the Directory for the sole purpose of contacting, discussing and networking with other Members. The Membership List may not be used by any person, not a member of the CCBEPC and may not be rented, sold, licensed or otherwise transmitted to any third-party for any purpose. Members are strictly prohibited from using the Membership as a method of marketing commercial products or services to other Members. The distribution of unsolicited commercial e-mail to any Member is strictly prohibited.